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Health Insurance Creates Peace of Mind

We offer insurance plans that are made for individuals and families looking for long term health insurance solutions. We have a wide variety of product designs from traditional copay plans to innovative HSA plans and more.



Short Term Health Insurance

What is short term insurance?

Short term health insurance products are designed specifically for people looking to cover a temporary gap in their insurance coverage. A short term plan may be right for you if you are between jobs, a new graduate, a seasonal employee, or waiting on an employer’s coverage to start.  

Dental Insurance

Are you wondering where to get dental insurance?

We offer several different stand-alone dental options for our clients who want dental insurance. Some feature no waiting periods for all services, including major services.  

vision insurance

Vision Insurance for Individuals and Families

Vision Insurance is coverage to help cover the cost for routine visual exams, and the purchasing of contact lenses and glasses.  

travel insurance
What is travel insurance?

We recommend international insurance or travel insurance for any planned trip out of the United States (or if you’re visiting the United States from another country). You can get short term international insurance for something like a vacation, travel plans designed for long term missionary trips, or permanent relocation to another country.  

Accidental Insurance

What is Accidental Insurance?

Coverage for all the oop’s in life. Accidental insurance is intended for an unexpected or unintended bodily injury. Click here to find out why supplementary coverage, such as Accidental Insurance, can help you in the long run.  

Critical Illness

What is Critical Illness Insurance?

Critical Illness Insurance is intended for some major critical illnesses. The most common being: cancer, heart attack, stroke, renal failure, loss of hearing, vision, limbs, etc. These are made a cash lump sum payment to the insured for living or other expenses. Click here to find out why supplementary coverage, such as Critical Illness Insurance, can help you in the long run.   


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Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction
We care about our customers and put their needs first. We offer customized quotes for each unique individual case.
Knowledgeable Specialists
Knowledgeable Specialists
Fast pass mentality: Why wait in queue on the telephone when we can get you on the fast track to the front of the line. Fast Quotes. Better Quotes. Every time.
Better Relationship With Carriers
Better Relationship With Carriers
Our personal connections with the top health insurance companies creates a better service for the customer.

Medical Plans by State

Health Plan availability varies from state to state. We are licensed in the following states. Find your state below to get information about the top health insurance companies and products offered in your state.