Delay in Large Group Insurance Mandate Leaves Many Employees Uninsured

Delay in Large Group Insurance Mandate Leaves Many Employees Uninsured

Delay in Large Group Insurance Mandate Leaves Many Employees Uninsured

America’s Health Insurance announces plans to help large group employees who will not receive group health insurance due to delays in the mandate.

Due to the new changes in the large group insurance mandate, many large group employees will now be eligible to purchase health insurance on the exchange in October. America’s Health Insurance offers expert assistance in purchasing the best health insurance coverage for these individuals and families.

On July 2nd, the Obama Administration announced that the large group employer mandate will be delayed until January of 2015. This will leave many employees without health insurance who otherwise would have had access to it on a guaranteed issue basis. According to a July 14 article written in Bloomberg, Larry Levitt, the senior vice president of the Kaiser Family Foundation research group, the recent decision will make “a few million” more people eligible to take advantage of the health care exchanges when they open this October.

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America’s Health Insurance will have health insurance plans available for employees from all industries that do not have group coverage available to them. Various health insurance plans will be available that meet the essential health benefit requirements, are eligible for subsidies, and are guaranteed issue. Many price and benefit level options will be available which will make it possible for consumers to shop for the coverage they want. America’s Health Insurance will access the exchanges on behalf of the employee to get the most subsidy available when the exchanges open on October 1, 2013.

For individuals who would like assistance in purchasing health insurance plans, please contact America’s Health Insurance at 1-888-589-3000, or through the web at

America’s Health Insurance is a nationwide health insurance agency located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They are one of the top three health insurance producers in America. As the Affordable Care Act approaches, they are working innovatively to bring the best possible health care coverage for their clients. They have a strong relationship with the top insurance carriers in the country, which enables them to be on top of the health insurance market. This allows them to provide the absolute best products for their clients.

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