Maryland Health Insurance

Maryland health insurance

Maryland Health Insurance

Are you looking to purchase Maryland health insurance? We offer many health insurance products for individuals and families such as yourself! Contact us today to start saving money!

In the state of Maryland, we provide service to the cities of Baltimore, Columbia, and the surrounding areas.

Health Insurance Products Available in Maryland

The following top health insurance carriers are available in your state:

Maryland health insurance         Maryland health insurance       Maryland Health Insurance

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Maryland Health Statistics

How healthy is Maryland? According to United Health Foundation, Maryland ranks #19 out of the 50 states (where #1 is the healthiest).

  • Low prevalence of smoking- 19.1% of Adult Population, Rank #11
  • Low percentage of children in poverty- 11.3% of persons under age 18, Rank #2
  • Ready availability of primary care physicians- 173.8 per 100,000 population, Rank #2
The Challenges
  • High violent crime rate- 548 offenses per 100,000 population, Rank #43
  • High prevalence of low birthrate- 8.8% of live births, Rank #38
  • High infant mortality rate- 7.6 deaths per 1,000 live births, Rank #41
  • High levels of air pollution- 10.9 micrograms of fine particles per cubic meter, Rank #40

*All the statistics for Maryland were found on the 2012 America’s Health Rankings conducted by United Health Foundation.