Our Plans

Short Term
Health Insurance

These plans are designed specifically for people looking to cover a temporary gap in their insurance coverage.

Dental Insurance

Want your routine dental check ups and cleanings covered? Purchase dental insurance from one of our top health insurance carriers.

Travel Insurance

Leaving the United States? Travel Insurance ensures that you have great coverage when you are overseas.

Accident Insurance

Oops! Didn’t expect that to happen? This is insurance for an unexpected or unintended bodily injury.

Critical Illness Insurance

Insurance coverage for illnesses such as cancer, stroke, etc. These ensure a cash lump sum payment to the insured for living expenses.

Vision Insurance

Need new glasses or contact lenses? Purchase coverage for routine visual exams and frames/lenses and/or contact lenses.

Senior Products

Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, Part D, Dental/Vision Plans, Travel Medical including Air Ambulance.