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The right plans for the right time
If you’re like most people, your needs are changing all the time, especially when it comes to health insurance. Maybe you’re out of a job, maybe your employer doesn’t offer coverage, or maybe coverage is just too expensive. Assurant Health answers your needs with our limited-benefit plans. Not only are they priced within your reach, they’re packed with value to make sure you get your money’s worth during this time of your life. And, Health Access gives you just that — access — access to the health care system, access to
                                                            doctors and other providers, and access to discounts.

                                                            Here’s what Health Access Offers:

                                                            Choose from modestly priced plans to find the one that fits your budget and lifestyle.

                                                            These plans cover services you’ll actually use, such as doctors’ office visits, prescriptions, preventive care
                                                             and immunizations. Plus, should you need them, you’ll also have hospital benefits.

                                                            Squeeze extra value out of your plan and maximize any limits with numerous savings features.

                                                            With only a few medical questions, it’s easy to qualify for allHealth Access plans.

                                                            Keep your own doctors, choose individual or family coverage, and add coverage for dental and cancer

                                                            What is a limited benefit plan?
                                                            These are limited-benefit plans, which means they have specific dollar limits on coverage to make them
                                                            more affordable. To take a closer, give us a call. We will go over the specific benefits and limitations so you’ll
                                                            know if Assurant Affordable Health Access plans are right for you.
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The healthcare crisis in America has resulted in millions of people being unable to afford the rising cost of healthcare. There are also millions of other people who cannot qualify for healthcare benefits due to uninsurable health conditions. The issues of affordability and eligibility are huge obstacles facing Americans as they seek to get the quality healthcare they need.
You can become a member of our nationwide membership association and get “guaranteed access” to a new world of special healthcare privileges. As a member, you get special access through strategic alliances with
                                                            some of the biggest companies in the healthcare and insurance industries.
                                                            Guaranteed Acceptance

                                                            We offer you guaranteed acceptance regardless of medical conditions.
                                                            10-day Money Back Guarantee

                                                            If you’re not absolutely satisfied with our program we offer a 100% no hassle 10-day money back guarantee.