Supplementary Coverage

Supplementary Coverage

Statistics say that 82% of all hospitalizations are due to an accident or a critical illness!

If you choose a High Deductible Major Medical plan, you lower your monthly cost for the insurance.
If you add supplemental coverage for accident and critical illness you eliminate your deductible exposure for 82% of everything that could ever happen to you. You would have $0 (zero dollars) out of pocket for 82% of anything that could ever happen to you!
Doing it this way saves you money b/c you are paying way less than if you purchased a lower deductible! With this concept, you are spreading the risk over 2 different plans, causing the over-all cost to be lower due to risk sharing!

For example: You select a $10,000 deductible plan with 100% coverage after the deductible. Then, you select a supplemental plan for accident and critical illness. If you have an Accident or a Critical Illness, your supplemental plan will pay $10,000 toward your deductible. Once your deductible is met, you are covered by your Major Medical plan for anything over $10,000. So you pay NOTHING!

This is the way to get the best coverage at the lowest price possible!

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