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Affordable Care Act- Real Life Examples

Real Life Examples of the Affordable Care Act The “Affordable Care Act” is coming soon to a theater near you! Now playing are the renewal rates that are beginning to come to those who currently have health insurance coverage. Our Real-Life Story Here is a real-life story: at our office, we have received our rate […]

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Unveiling the Hidden Taxes in Obamacare

Taxes in Obamacare Articles in leading newspapers today are detailing, “14 New Taxes Inside the Obamacare Bill”. Like Congress, we have to read this bill to find out exactly what is in it. Good news! We have read it and keep reading it daily! We are finding ways to navigate the law of unintended consequences […]

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Experts in Obamacare

Obamacare- What Can You Expect Health Insurance to Look Like? Reading the news can be scary these days; fiscal cliffs that we may fall off and politicians who never learned to play nice in the sandbox, etc. We at America’s Health Insurance have good news for you! We are experts on Obamacare and the Affordable […]

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