Why You Should Work With An Agent

When you are considering your own health plan, it’s important to find an agent you’re comfortable working with. No matter who you choose, we want to make sure you know why it’s best to have an agent helping you.

As an agent, we can:

-Shop around for the best fit for you from several competing companies.
-Recommend the company that will meet your personal needs to the highest degree.
-Walk you through the application process and catch anything that could possibly get your application rejected.
(A rejected application can make it hard to get coverage from another company, or permanently raise your premiums!)
Best of all, working with an agent, like me, costs you nothing. You get all the help and advice you need without spending a dime! -Sherry Nickols
When you work with an agent, you get a trusted adviser who can help you throughout the life your policy. If you ever have a bump in the road with a plan we help you choose, all you have to do is give us a quick call. You will also have the rested assurance that you are getting the best plan for your money. We go out of our way to ensure that any of your unique health situations are covered by dependable health carriers.
I will be happy to handle your concern personally, give you advice, or even help you switch plans. -Tyler Nickols