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Obamacare Subsidies- What Will Yours Be?

Subsidies…it’s a word looming around daily on the news, but not many Americans understand what it exactly means for them. According to a recent poll conducted by The Kaiser Family Foundation, 42% of Americans are unaware that the Affordable Care Act is an actual law. Of that 42 percent, 23% say they don’t know enough […]

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America’s Health Insurance Releases Their 2014 Strategy for the Health Insurance Market

Health and Humans Services directives and the response of the major carriers are slowly painting in the picture of the future of purchasing health insurance in America. The latest releases have given America’s Health Insurance enough solid information to release the following directives. Effective immediately America’s Health Insurance will offer health insurance plans that bypass […]

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Top Health Insurance Carriers Reveal That They Will Participate in One-Third of The Health Care Exchanges

Fort Wayne, IN (PRWEB) May 06, 2013 Several top health insurance carriers have released information to America’s Health Insurance that they will only be participating in a select few health care exchanges. This was first released by Reuter’s columnist Caroline Humer, “In recent days, executives at the four largest U.S health insurers say they are […]

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