Colorado Health Insurance

Colorado health insurance

Colorado Health Insurance

Are you looking to purchase Colorado health insurance? We offer many health insurance products for individuals and families such as yourself! Contact us today to start saving money!

In the state of Colorado, we provide service to the cities of Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins, and the surrounding areas.

The following top health insurance carriers are available in your state:

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Colorado Health Statistics

How healthy is Colorado? According to United Health Foundation, Colorado ranks #11 out of the 50 states (where #1 is the healthiest).

  • Low levels of air pollution- 6.7 micro grams of fine particles per cubic meter, Rank #5
  • Low prevalences of sedentary lifestyle (16.5% of adult population, Rank #1), obesity (20.7% of adult population, Rank #1), and diabetes (6.7% of adult population, Rank #1).
  • Low rate of preventable hospitalizations- 46.6 (number per 1,000 Medicare enrollees), Rank #6
The Challenges
  • Low immunization coverage- 86.8% of children ages 19 to 35 months, Rank #45
  • High geographic disparity within the state, 18.3 (relative standard deviation), Rank #44
  • High prevalence of binge drinking- 20.1% of adult population, Rank #37

*All the statistics for Colorado were found on the 2012 America’s Health Rankings conducted by United Health Foundation.